Our Crew

Jeff McMullin (founder)

Grew up in San Diego County. BS Psychology 1970 San Diego State College. Varsity crew letterman, 66-68. Moved to Arcata CA in ’71 to get out of the rat race, slowly starved out of the wooden loom building business. Moved to Gasquet CA to work on a USFS slash crew fall ’72. Transitioned into private contracting tree planting and slash cutting contracts with USFS. Timber faller and gyppo logger on and off from ’74-’81. Full time lumberman since. Jeff is a wine collector/”foodie” who likes to sample new restaurants while traveling with his wife Chris. They have 2 kids, Justen and Kiki, and like to hang out at the family cabin on the South Fork Smith River with the whole extended family, including grandchildren Simone and Rocco.

Justen Wendt (head sawyer and slab expert)

Born and raised in Del Norte County. After high school he spent 9 years in Humboldt county, where he worked 7 years at Eureka Costco—where he honed his expert forklift skills. Returned to Crescent City in 2005 to marry his high school sweetheart, Holly, and start a family with the birth of Simone in 2009. He came to work in the family sawmill business in 2007. Justen has logged thousands of hours sawing salvage old growth redwood on the Woodmizer LT 50. He is unmatched at coaxing high grade lumber out of frequently defective salvage logs. Justen is also the contact person that facilitates the sales of our huge live edge slab inventory. He is also our “IT guy”, handling Instagram and updating the website. Outside of work he is a locavore who enjoys spending time with family: rafting, hiking, foraging for¬†mushrooms, and hunting in the Smith River watershed. Developing his distillation skills as time allows.

Jesse Pearcey

Another born and raised local, Jesse is an expert “semi-pro” woodworker. He has spent several years working for and being taught by local cabinet makers and furniture craftsmen. He came to work at the mill in 2012, starting out by stickering green lumber. He is now our inventory and shipping specialist. If we need a particular piece of wood, Jesse knows where to find it in our 200.000 board ft 5 acre yard. If you show up at our mill facility, you will most likely be greeted by Jesse, who will be more than happy to show you the inventory and discuss pricing and availability. Jesse lives off grid in his cabin and acreage 15 miles up the South Fork of the Smith River. As you might expect, he is also a dedicated hunter-gatherer. Sees lots of wildlife in his 30 mile daily commute.