Salvaged Old Growth Redwood

A statement of quality and unrivaled beauty, old growth redwood tells a story that the big box lumberyards can’t. From our base, located in the heart of ancient redwood country, we have a unique opportunity to harvest “deadwood”. All our products are sawn from “salvage reclaimed” logs.

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We turn “reclaimed/salvage” old growth redwood logs into high grade lumber.

The logs that we process are from many sources, but they have one thing in common; they are salvaged, ie from deadwood that is already down on the forest floor, or occasionally from standing dead trees.

This down timber is discovered by logging crews in the process of harvesting young growth redwood to feed several mega-mills in NW California to feed the voracious appetite of the big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes. These young trees are logged and relogged on a 20-30 year cycle. The lumber from these small trees is heavy to white sap wood which will rot away and will not last.

Our old growth salvage logs are another matter altogether. In their decades lying on the forest floor the bark has sloughed away and the sap ring has long since rotted off. What we are left with is the pristine tight grained heartwood – as sound as the day the tree fell.

We don’t cut any live trees down to supply our sawmill. It’s all salvage- bug kill, fire kill, diseased, storm tossed blow downs, even trees brought down by flooding of the mighty rivers in our area- the Eel, Klamath and Smith. Local “gyppo” loggers bring them to us because we are known to pay the highest prices for this precious resource.

95% of our salvaged old growth redwood logs are sourced from Green Diamond Resource Co. of Humboldt County. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has certified theses timberlands as meeting  their specifications as  well managed